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Located in Westfield shopping mall in Culver City, Hold for Tea new tea shop carries creative drinks and delicious snack .

Photos by Rare studio la


Hold for Tea mainly products are cheese foam tea, All tea leaves been select is high quality. Hold for Tea combine the idea with traditional Asian Tea with western Cheese. The way for drinking Cheese tea is in the specific way which need to hold the cup for 45 degree, to let half cheese and half tea fulfill your mouth.  NO STRAW.  Coming join us for the amazing yummy taste. 







Westfield Culver City
6000 Sepulveda Blvd B8
Culver City, CA 90230



Mon-Sat 10am–9pm
Sun 11am–7pm


About us

  • Hold for Tea is a Tea business in South California, not only about Milk Tea, also about some New Concept of the Tea. Hold for tea is one of the first Cheese tea Boba shop in south California.

    Hold for Tea the name original is H for Healthy, O for Original, L for Lifetime, D for Desire. Hold for Tea also could be understanding as Hold a cup of Tea or Consume Tea forever.

    We focus on how to improve our products and we keep our ingredients natural and health.

  • HOLD FOR TEA is the new home to those on-the-go looking for a quick beverage of caffeine fix, families and friends for casual dining and snacks, a meeting place for business associates & peers, and more.